Baldur’s Gate 3: Helsik Ritual Guide To Enter The House Of Hope (2024)

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Baldur's Gate 3 is a hugely impressive game where no two playthroughs are the same. Players will make unique choices and approach scenarios in a variety of different ways, all of which can drastically alter the way things pan out. During Act 3, there are an almost overwhelming number of things for players to see and do, but there's one in particular that fans won't want to miss, and that's the House of Hope.

Throughout Baldur's Gate 3's main questline and Lae'zel's companion questline, players will likely hear about the Orphic Hammer. Although the hammer isn't necessary for progressing the main story, it does open up numerous options for the player, so it's a quest worth doing. The only problem is that it's locked away in the House of Hope in Avernus, and breaking into Raphael's home isn't going to win him over. Before setting out to steal from the enigmatic cambion fiend, players will need to figure out how to access this epic dungeon, which can be a little tricky.

Updated on July 2, 2024, by Antonio Samson: Act 3 of Baldur's Gate 3 will have players reaching the climax of multiple storylines. The House of Hope is where players will finally face off against Raphael. This article has been updated to include more information and to meet CBR's editorial and formatting standards.

How to Prepare Before Going to the House of Hope In Baldur's Gate 3

Stealing from Raphael Triggers One of BG3's Most Incredible Boss Fights


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The House of Hope sounds like a cheerful place, but much like Raphael, it's not what it seems. Considered by many players to be one of the best dungeons in Baldur's Gate 3, the House of Hope is gloriously designed to feel majestic and evil. It's filled with a tense atmosphere spurred on by the introduction of a new character in desperate need of help. Players also have an opportunity to have a rather risqué encounter with one of hell's residents, before the adventure culminates in one of Baldur's Gate 3's most epic boss fights.

The House of Hope can be one of the game's toughest areas to complete. The enemies are numerous and quite powerful, and the whole dungeon is considered hostile territory, which prevents players from resting. As a result, players will want to take their best and most balanced party members with them to ensure they get back out alive. Shadowheart is a very useful companion to take thanks to her powerful healing abilities.

Players will also want to stock up on equipment and potions that offer Fire Resistance as, unsurprisingly, the Nine Hells can get very hot. Also, the Potion of Angelic Reprieve, which essentially induces a Short Rest, and the Potion of Angelic Slumber, which does the same for a Long Rest, are both very useful. Since players won't be able to take a Short or Long Rest while in the House of Hope, it can be hard to restore health and, perhaps more critically, spell slots. Using these two potions when outside combat can be literal life-savers for several characters, who, as a result, will live to tell the tales of their epic adventure through the Nine Hells and the incredible House of Hope. First, however, they'll have to get there.

Where to Find Helsik and The Devil's Fee Shop

There's More than One way to Get Information from Helsik

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As players continue to talk with characters and explore Baldur's Gate 3's sprawling and detailed world, they may hear rumors that someone called Helsik knows how to enter the House of Hope. Those rumors are true, and players can find her working asa shopkeeper in the Devil's Fee. The Devil's Fee is located in the Northern part of the Lower City, Northeast of Bloomridge Park, in between the Forge of the Nine and Cazador's Palace.

Helsik is behind the counter immediately inside the Devil's Fee and is willing to accept a bribe of 20,000 gold in exchange for the information necessary to enter the House of Hope. Players can pass an Intimidation check to halve the price to 10,000, or they can pass a Persuasion check to get her to agree to hand over the information in exchange for one of the dungeon's powerful artifacts. Those wanting to keep the artifacts for themselves, which is highly recommended, will want to avoid this option.

Alternatively, there is a way to avoid paying such a steep financial price at all. Players can instead attempt to pickpocket the necessary Ritual Pouch and Grimoire from Helsik's inventory. Those who do try this method will want to use Astarion, as he's particularly skilled in this department. Separate him from the party and turn him invisible so that when Helsik notices she's been robbed, he won't be accused and players can then convincingly reply that they had nothing to do with it. This allows the party to get away without confrontation. It's also a good idea to save beforehand in case things go badly wrong. With the Ritual Pouch and its contents, as well as the Grimoire containing the instructions on how to complete the ritual in tow, players should climb the stairs and enter Helsik's Room.

How To Complete The Helsik Ritual and Enter the House of Hope

Place The Ritual Items In The Right Spot

Ritual Item

Placement Description


Top circle, just beneath the arrow.

Coin of Mammon

Circle immediately clockwise from the skull.


Bottom right circle.


Bottom left circle.

Infernal Marble

Center of the ritual circle.


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The five items necessary for completing the ritual can be found inside the Ritual Pouch in the player's inventory. They are a skull, some incense, a Coin of Mammon, a piece of Infernal Marble, and a diamond. On the floor in Helsik's Room is a ritual circle drawn in blood. The end nearest the stairs has an arrow and should be considered the first and top section. The Grimoire gives hints as to where to place each object within the circle. But for those who are struggling to understand it, or those who are just very keen to enter the Nine Hells, here's how to complete the ritual.

Firstly, players should drop all five items onto the floor, so they can be easily moved around with the "move" command. Then, place the skull in the top circle, just beneath the arrow. In the circle immediately clockwise from the skull, place the Coin of Mammon. Next, skip a circle and place the diamond in the bottom right circle. Next to it, in the bottom left circle, place the incense. Finally, place the Infernal Marble in the center of the whole thing. Once each item has been placed in the correct position, it will light up to highlight to the player that they've got it right. When all five items have been successfully positioned, the whole ritual circle will glow, revealing a portal in the center. Players can now simply enter the portal to reach the House of Hope.

Upon entering, things seem peaceful at first. However, the party will soon meet with Hope, who will guide them toward the artifacts on display while begging for their help in freeing her. While there are plenty of strange spirits floating about, there is no real sense of urgency in this dungeon until after stealing Raphael's prized possessions. Working with Hope and gaining her trust is a huge part of exploring without conflict before the big heist. Taking the time to explore the building and getting familiar with the layout and its residents will go a long way toward navigating it more smoothly under pressure when the time comes for Raphael to begin his journey home.

While it's much easier to get the Orphic Hammer from Raphael by accepting his deal, contracting to him is a devil's bargain many won't be interested in taking, no matter how foolish Lae'zel believes it is to refuse him. While stealing it from him will always result in a battle with the fiendish cambion, infiltrating the House of Hopeis worth it. Not only do players gain the aid of a very powerful cleric in the fight against Raphael, but if they play their cards right, they can convince the Orthon, Yurgir, to fight beside them as well, both against Raphael, and in the final battle against the Elder Brain.

Who Is Hope?

Gaining A Powerful Celestial Ally

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Hope is a celestial being trapped within the House of Hope, a majestic yet sinister dungeon in the Nine Hells. As a radiant and powerful entity, she embodies light and purity, starkly contrasting the infernal environment surrounding her. Raphael has imprisoned Hope, a cunning cambion who exploits her powers for dark purposes.

Throughout the player's journey, Hope emerges as a pivotal character. She offers not only her assistance but also represents the moral and ethical crossroads the player faces. Her pleas for freedom highlight the themes of resistance against corruption and the struggle for righteousness in a world fraught with moral ambiguity.

Hope's abilities include potent healing spells and light-based magic, making her an invaluable battle ally. Her knowledge of the Nine Hells and Raphael's machinations provides crucial insights to help players navigate the treacherous environment and make informed decisions. Whether players choose to aid her or betray her significantly influences the narrative, shaping the moral fabric of their journey and the outcome of their quest.

Siding with Raphael for Power and Influence

Making A Deal With The Devil

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If players side with the compelling villain Raphael, they enter into a pact with the cunning cambion, gaining access to powerful infernal magic and items. Raphael offers unique benefits, such as exclusive spells that tap into dark energies, powerful equipment that can significantly boost a character's capabilities, and valuable insights into the machinations of the Nine Hells. This alliance also provides an opportunity to explore a storyline filled with intrigue and manipulation as players navigate infernal beings' complex and dangerous politics.

By aligning with Raphael, players may also significantly influence the main story and companion dynamics. Raphael's support can make certain battles easier and unlock new dialogue options that reveal deeper layers of the game's lore. However, this choice comes with a significant moral cost, as siding with Raphael can alienate some companions and NPCs who oppose such a pact. It's a path that emphasizes ambition and the willingness to embrace morally gray decisions for greater power and knowledge but at a cost to one's moral standing.

In this scenario, Hope's fate is grim. Siding with Raphael often means betraying Hope, leading to her capture or demise. Her celestial light is extinguished, and any potential assistance she could have offered is lost. This impacts the player's moral standing and deprives them of a powerful ally who could have provided significant support in battles and enriched the storyline with her presence.

Defeating Raphael and Resisting Infernal Temptation

Free Hope From Her Captivity.

Baldur’s Gate 3: Helsik Ritual Guide To Enter The House Of Hope (7)


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Choosing to defeat Raphael signifies a rejection of his tempting offers and a commitment to a more righteous path. This decision leads to a challenging battle against the powerful cambion, testing the player's tactical skills and the party's strength. Upon victory, players not only secure the Orphic Hammer but also gain the respect and loyalty of their companions, particularly those who value integrity and resist infernal corruption.

Defeating Raphael also has significant implications for Baldur's Gate 3's narrative. It closes off the path of infernal power but opens up new avenues for heroism and moral high ground. Players may find new allies among those who oppose Raphael and his kind, and this choice can lead to different endings and resolutions in the game. The storyline shifts towards themes of resistance and purity, emphasizing the struggle against corruption and the triumph of good over evil.

In this scenario, Hope is liberated. Her freedom from Raphael's control boosts the player's moral standing and grants them a powerful ally. Hope's celestial abilities provide critical healing and support in subsequent battles, and her knowledge of the Nine Hells can offer valuable insights. By freeing Hope, players reinforce their commitment to goodness and heroism, ensuring that her light shines on in their journey.

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Baldur's Gate 3

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