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Eddie Treadwell

Prisoners here in Michigan – moreso, it’s not all, you know it’s never all, it’s always a few, some, or many – but I’ve ran across a few men in prison who were ready to… FullTranscript

Download “Michigan Tough On Crime pt. 2”


Spoon Jackson

Spoon Jackson, calling from Solano, and got a piece that I want to read about a fellow LWOP who is dying of cancer and trying to be commuted. Been down over 30 years but the… FullTranscript

Download “Fellowship”

Kenneth Zamarron

My name’s Kenneth Lee Zamarron and I’m currently incarcerated at the gallows in the Indiana State Prison. My piece’s name is entitled, “Prison Scars Due to Cruel and Inadequate Medical Treatment at an Indiana Prison.”… FullTranscript

Download “Prison Scars”

Michigan Tough on Crime pt.1

Eddie Treadwell

Hello, my name is Mr. Eddie Treadwell from Alger Correctional Facility here in Michigan prisons, who been locked up over 32 years, incarcerated without any type of real rehabilitation or any incentive to try to… FullTranscript

Download “Michigan Tough on Crime pt.1”

They Are Killing Krystal Clark

Naykima Hill

Hi, my name is Naykima Hill and I’m calling about my friend, Krystal Clark. My friend is, like, literally dying and it’s sad to see her, like, deteriorating. And like, just drawing up before my… FullTranscript

Download “They Are Killing Krystal Clark”

Richard A. Valdez

This is Richard Valdez calling from San Quintin, CA. The following piece is “The Unsung Heroes of The World: Our Mothers.” With every passing year. It’s amazing all of the things that I can… FullTranscript

Download “The Unsung Heroes of Our World: Our Mothers”

‘Son’ and ‘Amber Waves’

Steven Nicholson

This poem is by Steven Lynn Nicholson. I’m at Cotton Correctional Facility in Jackson, Michigan. This poem is called “Son.” If you were my son, should I embrace you and not run?I think I should,… FullTranscript

Download “‘Son’ and ‘Amber Waves’”

Kenjuan Congo Jr.

This is Kenjuan Congo, Jr. and the title of this piece is “The Socioeconomic Status in Prison.” There are socioeconomic statuses in prison. Those economic statuses being a composite rating based on various dimensions of… FullTranscript

Download “Socio-Economic Status in Prison”

A Welcome To The Oppressed

Mumia Abu-Jamal

“A welcome to the oppressed. Dear friends, I greet you all at the People’s Forum in New York City. As we reason and reflect on the plight of Palestine, let us not forget the recent… FullTranscript

Download “A Welcome To The Oppressed”

Jamil Pirant

My name is Jamil Pirant. I’m calling from IDC, Indiana Department of Corrections, and the name of this title is “Guilty Plea.” I was wrote – a letter was sent to me from somebody who… FullTranscript

Download “Guilty Plea”

COVID Update from San Quentin

Richard A. Valdez

This is Richard Valdez calling from San Quintin, CA to This is an update on the COVID situation in the CDCR and in San Quentin State Prison. Currently, they’re shutting down visiting in both… FullTranscript

Download “COVID Update from San Quentin”

Sheik Bilal Abdul Salaam-Bey

This is Charley Hughes also known as Sheik Bilal Abdul Salaam-Bey. I’m at the Hutchinson Correctional Facility in Hutchinson, KS. This piece is called “The Declaration of Nationality.” I am putting all government officials on… FullTranscript

Download “Declaration of Nationality”

We Need Help

Krystal Clark

My name is Krystal Clark, inmate #435064. I’m in WHV, the Valley of Death. I fear for my life. I really do fear for my life. I’m just tired of saying it. And my whole… FullTranscript

Download “We Need Help”

Christopher “Naeem” Trotter

This is Christopher Trotter, speaking live from inside the belly of the beast. I’m with all the women of this country right now and I stand united with you. The Supreme Court is poised to… FullTranscript

Download “Assault on Roe v. Wade”

Diary Entry 1

Peter “Pitt” Mukuria

Download “Diary Entry 1”

Mumia Abu-Jamal

“Willy’s Way.” For well over 30 years, Willy Stokes was a lifer in Pennsylvania, or a man serving a life sentence which only ended in death. During these long bitter years, he filed plenty of… FullTranscript

Download “Willy’s Way”

Should Unrelated, Resolved, Questionably Unresolved, and Clearly Unfounded Incidents be Used to Determine and Person’s Future Risk?

Izell Robinson


Download “Should Unrelated, Resolved, Questionably Unresolved, and Clearly Unfounded Incidents be Used to Determine and Person’s Future Risk?”

Jamil Pirant

My name is Jamil Pirant. I’m calling out of Indiana Department of Corrections, and this piece is called “Uplift Michigan City.” I was transferred from Wabash Valley to ISP in like 2019. Now I went… FullTranscript

Download “Uplift Michigan City”

Exposing GTL Scam

Peter “Pitt” Mukuria

Hey, this is Peter Mukuria, also known as comrade Pitt. I recently got transferred here in the state of Maryland at Jessup Correctional Institution, came from Virginia DOC, Red Onion State Prison where I was… FullTranscript

Download “Exposing GTL Scam”

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