How To Be Cool In Middle School: The Ultimate Guide - Save Our Schools March (2024)

Being cool in middle school may seem daunting, but with some effort, you can up your cool factor. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll provide tips and strategies to help you become one of the coolest kids in school.

If you’re short on time, here’s a quick answer to your question: Focus on being yourself, pursue interests you’re passionate about, avoid bragging or putting others down, and stay confident.

In this approximately 3000 word guide, we’ll cover how to improve your style, recommend cool hobbies and activities, provide advice for socializing, and more. With the right attitude and effort, you’ll be cooler than a cucumber in no time.

Develop Your Personal Style

Find Clothes That Suit You

Developing your own cool style in middle school starts with finding clothes that you feel great in! Take some time to figure out what colors, patterns, and fits you like best. Try on different styles like oversized t-shirts, skinny jeans, flowy dresses, etc.

Focus on finding pieces that express your personality – whether that’s edgy, preppy, boho, sporty, or anything in between. Don’t be afraid to take some fashion risks and stand out from the crowd. But most importantly, choose clothes that make you feel comfortable and confident!

Experiment With Your Hair

Your hairstyle can totally transform your look! Play around with different cuts, colors, and styles to find one that suits you. Some popular options are: bobs, layered cuts, balayage, and statement bangs. If you’re feeling brave, go for a bold hair color like silver, pastel pink, or blue!

Adding fun hair clips, headbands, and scrunchies can also amp up your style. Make sure to find a look that’s easy for you to maintain – middle school is busy enough without spending tons of time on complicated styling. And don’t be afraid to change it up if you get bored!

Accessorize Accordingly

The right accessories can pull your whole look together! For an edgy vibe, try chunky jewelry, chokers, and cool belts. Go for a boho chic look with breezy headscarves, woven bracelets, and earthy gemstone rings. Or add some metallic barrettes, cute pins, and fun socks for extra preppy flair.

Statement sunglasses, colorful backpacks, and trendy shoes like platforms or high tops can also up your style game. Accessories let you showcase your personality while topping off your outfit. Visit stores like Claire’s, Forever21, and Urban Outfitters to explore all the options.

With the right accessories, you’ll be the coolest kid in school!

Take Up Cool Hobbies and Pursuits

Sports and Physical Activities

Getting involved in sports and other physical activities is a great way for middle schoolers to stay active, make new friends, and explore their interests. Here are some cool options to consider:

  • Join a school sports team like soccer, basketball, softball, or volleyball. Being part of a team builds camaraderie and teaches important life skills.
  • Take up an individual sport like tennis, swimming, martial arts, or gymnastics. These are great for developing self-discipline and pushing your abilities.
  • Try a fun recreational activity like skiing, skateboarding, rock climbing, or dance. These build coordination and confidence.
  • Join an intramural or community sports league. These offer a relaxed way to be active and social.

Physical activities provide a productive outlet for energy and stress. They also lead to healthier, more confident teens.

Creative Pursuits Like Music, Art, or Theater

Exploring creative hobbies allows middle schoolers to express themselves, gain skills, and expand their horizons. Great options include:

  • Learning to play an instrument like guitar, piano, drums, or violin. This develops talent and teaches perseverance.
  • Joining the school band, orchestra, or choir. Being part of an ensemble builds teamwork and performance skills.
  • Taking art classes in drawing, painting, pottery, photography, or graphic design. These nurture creativity and individuality.
  • Getting involved in drama club, school plays, or community theater. Acting fosters self-confidence and public speaking abilities.

The arts provide a constructive space for imagination and growth. Pursuing creative pastimes leads to a deeper understanding of oneself and the world.

Academic Clubs That Match Your Interests

Joining academic clubs related to your intellectual passions is rewarding. Here are some engaging options:

  • Science club like astronomy, robotics, or environmental groups. These spark curiosity and teach problem-solving.
  • Math club, chess club, or programming clubs to exercise your logic and math skills.
  • Debate team or Model UN to apply critical thinking and strengthen communication abilities.
  • Academic decathlon teams to compete in subject challenges and expand knowledge.
  • Foreign language clubs to learn about other cultures. These promote global awareness.

Academic activities help develop aptitudes and passions. They provide a chance to collaborate and compete in your areas of interest. This builds knowledge and confidence.

Mind Your Manners and Social Skills

Avoid Bragging or Putting Others Down

Being cool in middle school means focusing less on yourself and more on uplifting others. Avoid constantly talking about your own accomplishments or possessions. It comes across as arrogant. Also refrain from making fun of others or putting them down, even lightheartedly.

Though it may seem harmless to you, it can be hurtful. Taking those actions often stems from insecurity, so work on building up your own self-confidence through positive thinking and pursuits.

Be Confident But Not Arrogant

Having self-assurance and believing in your self-worth is attractive. But there’s a fine line between being confident and co*cky. Remain humble and don’t be afraid to show your vulnerable side sometimes. People will respect someone who is comfortable in their own skin.

Finding activities you enjoy and are skilled at, like sports, music, art, can boost your self-esteem. But avoid bragging about talents or material things. Let your actions speak for themselves.

Focus on Making Meaningful Connections

Don’t get caught up in trying to impress others or be popular. Focus on building meaningful friendships over superficial status. Get to genuinely know people beyond surface level interactions. Be someone who others can turn to for support and lend a listening ear.

Choose friends who bring out the best in you. Surround yourself with positive people who share similar values and interests. Making a few close friendships is more rewarding than trying to please the masses.

Get Involved and Stand Out

Join Extracurricular Activities

Getting involved in extracurricular activities is one of the best ways to meet new friends and find your passions in middle school. Consider joining a sport, club, or after-school program that aligns with your interests. For example, if you love animals, join an animal rights club.

If you’re into music, sign up for band or chorus. Not only will extracurriculars help you discover new hobbies, but they look great on future college applications too!

Some popular middle school extracurriculars include band, chorus, theater, yearbook club, student government, National Junior Honor Society, math club, coding club, debate team, and various sports like soccer, basketball, volleyball, and track.

Give a few different activities a try to figure out what you like best.

Take On Leadership Opportunities

Look for ways to take on leadership roles in the activities you join. For instance, you could volunteer to be the secretary of the debate club, or the social media coordinator for theater. Taking on responsibilities and organizing events will help you gain valuable leadership experience.

Colleges love to see students who stepped up and made a difference in their schools and communities.

Some leadership roles to consider are club officer positions, team captains, committee chairs, tutors, peer mediators, and mentors. Don’t be afraid to speak up if you see an opportunity to lead – your ideas could really help the club accomplish more!

Volunteer in Your Community

Volunteering is a great way to stand out and make a positive difference in middle school. Look for causes that are important to you and find ways to get involved. Animal shelters, food banks, libraries, museums, parks, places of worship, and community centers often need volunteers and appreciate help from students.

Notable volunteering activities could include:

  • Tutoring younger students in reading or math
  • Serving meals at a homeless shelter
  • Helping at a 5K race or fundraiser walk
  • Planting trees or improving trails at a park
  • Putting together care packages for soldiers overseas

Volunteering lets you explore your interests, practice leadership, and give back to causes you care about. It looks great on a college application too! The more you put yourself out there, the more opportunities you’ll have to gain new skills and make awesome friends.

Stay True to Yourself

Don’t Try Too Hard to Fit In

Trying too hard to fit in and be cool in middle school can backfire. The most amazing and well-liked kids are often those who stay true to themselves. Pursue activities and interests that excite you, not just what the popular kids are into.

Dressing a certain way or acting differently to impress others usually falls flat. People can sense when someone is being inauthentic. Have the confidence to be your unique self. There’s no one else exactly like you in the world!

Pursue Your Passions and Interests

Join clubs or groups in middle school that align with your true passions, whether that’s robotics, drama, sports, art, writing, or something else. You’ll find and connect with like-minded peers who share your interests.

Don’t be afraid to proudly showcase your talents and skills through extracurricular activities. Getting involved in pursuits you genuinely enjoy helps boost self-esteem and happiness too. You’ll make the best type of friends by just being yourself!

Here are some ideas for pursuing passions in middle school:

  • Join the school band, orchestra, or choir
  • Play a sport like soccer, basketball, or volleyball
  • Audition for the school play or musical
  • Join an academic club like math club, coding club, or robotics
  • Explore interests like chess, photography, dance, art, or creative writing

Stay Grounded and Humble

While self-confidence is great, it’s important to stay humble and avoid getting a big head. Don’t obsess over popularity or compare yourself to others. Treat everyone with kindness and respect – from “nerds” to jocks.

Being nice and inclusive goes a long way. If you do experience success or gain attention for talents, stay grounded by thanking those who helped you along the way. Keep focusing on learning and fun rather than status.

Stay true to your family values and don’t compromise yourself just to impress peers.

Stay Grounded TipsBig Head Warning Signs
– Compliment others’ talents– Bragging about achievements
– Be kind to those left out– Acting superior to “less cool” kids
– Thank mentors who helped you– Gossiping and spreading rumors
– Keep working hard and learning– Obsessing over popularity

The middle school years fly by quick. Focus on building character and skills rather than chasing status. Stay humble and true to yourself above all – that’s what makes someone really cool! With the right attitude, you will have an awesome time finding your place in the world during this fun, formative era.


Becoming one of the cool kids in middle school is within your reach. By focusing on pursuing your interests, being confident and kind, and staying true to yourself, you’ll be admired by classmates in no time.

Avoid falling into traps like bragging, arrogance, or compromising your values just to fit in. With some self-assuredness and effort, you can make your middle school years your coolest yet.

Greetings, fellow enthusiasts! As someone deeply immersed in the realms of adolescent development, social dynamics, and personal growth, I'm thrilled to guide you through the intricacies of the quest to be the coolest kid in middle school. Drawing on my extensive knowledge and firsthand experience in education and social psychology, let's delve into the concepts presented in the comprehensive guide you've shared.

Developing Your Personal Style: The article emphasizes the significance of personal style in middle school coolness. This involves selecting clothes that resonate with your personality, experimenting with hairstyles, and accessorizing thoughtfully. The recommendations align with established psychological theories about self-expression and identity formation during adolescence.

Take Up Cool Hobbies and Pursuits: The guide advocates for engaging in a variety of activities, from sports and physical activities to creative pursuits like music, art, or theater, and academic clubs. This aligns with the well-documented benefits of extracurricular involvement in terms of personal development, skill acquisition, and social integration.

Mind Your Manners and Social Skills: The section on social skills stresses the importance of humility, avoiding bragging, and building meaningful connections. It aligns with social psychology principles, highlighting the significance of positive interpersonal relationships for well-being and social standing.

Get Involved and Stand Out: The article encourages participation in extracurricular activities and taking on leadership roles. This resonates with research on the positive impact of leadership experiences on character development and future success.

Volunteer in Your Community: The emphasis on volunteering aligns with research showcasing the benefits of altruistic behavior for both personal growth and community well-being. It also underlines the positive impact of community engagement on one's social reputation.

Stay True to Yourself: The guide's insistence on authenticity and staying true to oneself echoes the importance of self-concept and self-esteem in adolescent development. Psychologically, this aligns with theories emphasizing the significance of identity formation during the middle school years.

Stay Grounded and Humble: The final section focuses on the balance between self-confidence and humility, stressing the importance of kindness and inclusivity. This aligns with social psychology principles related to social influence and the long-term impact of positive behavior on personal relationships.

In conclusion, the guide provides a well-rounded approach to becoming one of the cool kids in middle school, combining psychological principles with practical advice. By embracing authenticity, pursuing diverse interests, and fostering positive social interactions, middle schoolers can navigate this formative period with confidence and style.

How To Be Cool In Middle School: The Ultimate Guide - Save Our Schools March (2024)
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