PAW Patrol Halloween Trick-or-Treat Rescues! 🎃 | 30 Minute Compilation | Nick Jr. (2023)


The PAW Patrol pups are all dressed up in their costumes and are going trick-or-treating for Halloween! Get ready for some spooky fun in this 30 minute compilation with Rubble, Chase, Skye, Ryder, Marshall, and more PAW Patrol pups all across Adventure Bay!

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Nick Jr. Draw and Play


[All] Trick of treat! I have some treats.

Do you have a trick? I have a trick..

may I have a treat? Very nice! -Want to shake? -What, a gentleman! Here.

You go.

-Ta, da!, -Outstanding!, Hey, check out my robot, dance.


You get a treat.

Thank you.

My lady.

I can whoaaa! Whoa, whoa, whoaaa!, Great, stunt, you deserve a treat.


Go Rescue Knights.

We've gotta defend the castle.

Rubble, Rocky, Zuma, Chase!, Get, ready for an incoming dragon.

Ruff, dragon megaphone! Claw.

Please keep your dragon away from the castle! You're being a very naughty.

Used-To-Be knight., I'm, still a knight, princess! The, most powerful, one ever!, Because, I'm, riding a fire breathing dragon!.

I think we need to take cover, now!, Ryder, we're under attack! That's.

Why we covered the castle in armor, Chase.

We're on our way! Skye, get ready to distract them with your dragon wings! Standing by to fly! Marshall.

If you see any flames, put them out., You, bet., I will let you or the kingdom down, again., Uh, oh, Claw's fire-breathing.

Dragon is now a rock-dropping dragon., Get, ready to use your catapult.


Rubble's got trouble ready for him.

Heh, heh., Ruff, catapult!, Ready, aim..., Direct hit Rubble, way to go! That does it.

No more Mr.


Naughty, Knight!, Sparks, go after their flags and pennants and stuff! What? Who did that? Hand over that.

Dragon's tooth, Claw!, Never! Sparks, teach that pup some manners, dragon style! Mayor Humdinger, meet the Adventure Bay, All, Stars., Your team may have won every game.

They have ever played--.


Game? -But get on the bus, mayor, we're, taking your bombers to school! Ho, ho!, A team of pups, hah!, I.

Hope, the pups are ready.

Ryder., All, right, pups, let's, shoot some hoops.

Ryder, I, don't think I should play in the game.


You practiced so hard?, -It's, just, well.

If someone gets hurt, I want to be ready.

Are, you sure that's the reason? Okay, you don't have to play if you don't want to, but If, you change your mind.

Let us know.


Okay, players, let's, see, super sportsmanship for this sporting spectacle., Whoa!, Ha!, Just.

Let us know when you've had enough, Mayor, Goodway., Don't, cut your chickens before they hatch, Mayor, Humdinger., Oh figure of speech.

My dear.

Drudgenall!, All, right!, Mine!, Shoot!, I, can't believe the pups are ahead.

I mean, go all stars! Spotted! Headed for Foggy.


I wonder if that's a not so nice mayor, we know.

Time to find out Mighty, Chase., On, it!, Step, one, take the meteor, check., Step, two.

Take it back to Foggy Bottom.


Step, three, Uncle, Mayor?, Ah, learn to drive better! Stop! Whoever's in there, give back that meteor or face the mighty pups! Never! Step on it.

Harold! I, mean, mysterious, driver., Okay, Uncle, Mayor, I, mean, mysterious, mayor, oops!, It's, Mayor, Humdinger and his nephew, Harold! Think.

You can keep up with him? These mighty paws, uphold the law! Mighty Rubble.

The Humdingers are headed back towards town.

Use your super strength to build a road.

Block., Mighty, Rubble's, ready for trouble! Hmm.

Not quite mighty enough.


Road is definitely closed.


Harold, stop!, Stop?, Uncle, Mayor, I think, you're, forgetting I'm, a mighty nephew! Activating, amphibious mode!, Ruff, drag chute! I, almost had him, Ryder.



Chase, I have a plan.



They won't get away from this mighty pup., Ruff, surfboard! Time to do the wave! -Whoa, whoa, whoa!, -Yikes!, Whoa!, Mighty, Everest, time for the big chill.

Whoa! Hey, there.

They are Ryder! And there's.

The mini doughnut making machine.

I, see, it., I, don't think it's making mini doughnuts anymore., Now, it's, making...

Mega donuts!, -Ah, look, out!.

-Whoa!, Watch, out!, Woo.

Nice, moves.


Pups., Yikes!, That's.

One, big, doughnut., And, it's, headed for the ruff ruff, pack! Ah, back to the hideout! Hey in there.


You guys, okay? Okay?, No, we're, not okay, okay? We're, trapped behind a giant doughnut.

Things, couldn't, possibly be worse.

Uh, things could be worse.

See?, Help!, That, doesn't, sound, good.


It sounds like the doughnut machine is in real trouble.


Forget about us! We've got to turn it off.

Fast., But, how?, The only way up there is through that little doughnut hole.

It would take one awesome jump to get through there.


You say, awesome jump or clawesome, jump? Go for it.

Wildcat! You can do this, it's, just a mouse..


His friend.


Okay to be afraid.

Okay ready, now?, And, rawr, super speed, booster!, Rocky, ramp!, I'm, going in., Let's see, which button? Ah, shoo! Wait.

Are you saying what I think you're? Saying?, Okay..., -Yeah!, -You really did it!.

Hey, we're, not moving-- -Whoa!, -Whoa!, Okay, then.

How about hammer throw? Uh oh,? My tongue's stuck!, Whoa! That was kind of fun! Ryder.

This is a disaster.


Paw Patrol has to fix this.

Wee, hee, hee!, I know.

What if we turned sports day into snow sports day? What, do you say, Mayor, Goodway?, Let, the games begin, again!, Welcome back everyone, back to the new improved sports.


Skye shows us there's more than one way to get past a hurdle.

And the long jump is now a long, long, slide., Whoa!, Woo, hoo.

All right.

Go pups! All.

The pups are really relaying, billy style! Pass that baton! And for our surprise, main event, Rubble and Everest are tearing up a half pipe!, Yee, haw!, Yeah.

Woo, hoo!.


Double flip?.

I gotta try that!.


Move Everest.

You rule! Sports day is the best time ever.

You pups, rule!, Actually, Daring, Danny, X, rules., Daring, Danny, rides again!, Whoa!, Well, done pups.


Thank you Ryder, for making these the coolest summer games, ever! It's, starting!, That, hot lava is burning up the grass! That's, not good.

Did you know this is the dinos' favorite place to eat? We'll.

Stop the fire.

You pups keep moving the dinos.

Marshall, cool down that lava before it burns anymore.


On, it!, Ruff, water, cannons! It's gonna keep erupting.

Rubble, dig a trench.

So the lab will flow away from here into that.


One trench coming up!.

Ruff, ruff, hurry!, Rex.

This stegosaurus won't move!, Come on little guy, it's gonna get real hot, out, real fast!, Great job, Rex! Dig, dig dig, I've got this., We're, almost there.

We just have to get across that rock.

Bridge., Oh no.

How are we gonna get across?? Rocky, Zuma, Skye, take the fallen trees and pile them up across the gap.

So the dinosaurs can cross safely., Roger, that!, -On, it!, -Totally!, My, turn, dude., Great work, pups, now, let's move.

These dinos, across., Royal, kitties? Is that a mousey? Heh heh, it's, just a toy.

Uh, oh, kittens, I'm allergic to them!.


Oh! I turned the alarm, off! Vacuum, snatcher!, This, pup's.

So good at being bad.

Chase, what's, going on?, [gasps], It's, gone!, The, royal crown of Barkingburg!.


Kittens made me sneeze.

So I didn't see who took it.

But now I'm starting to pick up a scent.

The thief went this way.

Tally, ho, Chase., Ruff, night, vision, glasses!, I'm, picking up heat signatures from the thief's..

paws?, Arf.

Crown, me.

It's, good to be the queen.


You took the royal crown? That's, Queen, Sweetie., And, yes, I took it.

But I'm going to make sure everyone thinks you did!.

Well we'll, see about that.

Trick or treat! Hmm.

What trick can I do? Shake? Chase did that.


Legs?, Zuma., Speak?, We.

All do that.


I, know!, Ahem, ♪, Blue, blue, blue, hairdo, Uh, huh, uh.


♪ Ruff.

Ruff!, Ryder, here?, -Hi, Ryder., -Hi, Mr., Porter., How's.

The party going?, Ryder, listen, we're, adrift in the bay.

And no one knows who's sailing.

The ship.

Captain Turbot lost his glasses and can't see to sail the ship.


We keep hearing what sounds like..

Ghosts! Chickaletta and I don't believe in ghosts.

Ah, ghosts!, Just, hurry, okay?, We're on it!.

No job is too big.

No pup is too small.

-Paw Patrol, to the lookout! -Let's, go!, Whoa!, Sorry, I, didn't mean to bowl you over., Next, time, I'll, spare you the wipeout.

Okay, okay, let's, go., Paw, Patrol, ready, for..., Psst, psst, Skye., Huh?, Paw, Patrol, ready for action.

Ryder, sir!, No, job's, too big for these big truck, pups, but there's, no time to waste.

Big truck, deploy!, Awesome job, Al.

Now to make fresh concrete.

Rubble, Marshall, get your trucks.

Ready to rock.

Ruff, big truck, deploy! Ready to add water.

Marshall! Ruff, big truck, deploy!, One, mushy mix coming up!.

This high speed, stirrer will turn it into super sticky.


Great job, pups! Now to put our patch in place.

Skye, use your jet to position.

The girders around the leak in the dam.

I, get it, like a frame! Arf.

Big truck, deploy!, We've, gotta move fast.


Marshall, spray concrete onto the leak, then, lift.

Those heavy blocks into the frame.

A, really big, patch, 10-4!, Perfect!, Now, that's, a patch, any trucker would be proud of.


You big truck pups saved Adventure Bay from a terrible flood! I, give your handiwork, an A, plus., Who's, ready for Cowboy Day at the Wingnut's, dude, ranch? Gid, giddy up, up, me!, I, can't, wait to go ridin'!, -Me, too!, -Me, three!, -Me, four!, -Me, five!, And, six!, Yee, haw!, -Hi, Mrs., Wingnut., -Howdy, Paw, Patrol!, I figured, y'all would be hungry.

So I whipped up a bunch of burgers!, At least I thought, I did.

Your burgers are the best! Hi Ryder! Thanks for helping set up for Cowboy.

Day, tomorrow., -Hi, Julius!, -Hi, Julia!, Wow, you're, really good riders.


So is Mayor Goodway, look!, Where's.

Your horse Mayor, Goodway?, No, big horses for me.

You pups and kids can ride, I'll cheer.

You on.

Zuma and I could teach you! Well.

It does look like fun.

But-- Come, on, give it the cowboy.


Yee, haw!, Okay., Mayor, Goodway, meet Lightning, Bolt.


You ride a real horse.

You could practice on a robo-horse like him., Watch, me., Ride, 'em, cowpup!, See, it's, easy., Now.

Your turn.

No, I really should be keeping an eye on Chickaletta.

Chickaletta's, new pal, Oscar's already watching her.

Rocky, Marshall, time to get started making a pup-sized sheep., Let's, get..

wooly with it! He'll need more than just wool, and I've got the perfect stuff in my truck.

Soup cans.

What are those for? I'll show you just as soon as you spray paint them? Black., Okay., Arf, paint, cannons!, I, don't, get it.


Socks? -That would be silly.

Marshall., -They're, ear, socks., -Oh, right, ear, socks!, I, still don't, get it.

Now I, get it! Not, baaad!, Great, disguise., Come, on, time to make friends with the real sheep.

Hi, Ryder, Rocky., Heh, heh, Marshall?, That's.

Some Halloween costume.

It's, not for Halloween, I'm, an undercover sheep., This way.

He can sneak around and find out who's making those holes in your fence.

And I'll help.

You fix the fence again, Farmer Al., Woof, screwdriver!, Hey, lambs, say, hello to our new friend, uh, mmm..., Baaa-rney!, Whoa, oopsie!, ♪, Yo, ho, ho, We are on a roll! ♪, ♪, Yo, ho, ho, Pirate pups on sea, patrol! ♪, ♪ Sail across the ocean, blue Captain Ryder and his crew ♪, ♪, Pirate, pups!, But, we're, not mean!, ♪, ♪, The, nicest, sea dogs on the sea! ♪, ♪, Yo, ho, ho, We are on a roll! ♪, ♪, Yo, ho, ho, Pirate pups on sea.

Patrol! ♪, ♪ We will brave the stormy seas, Riding waves as tall as trees.

♪ ♪, Avast!, Ahoy!, And trim, the sails! ♪ ♪ We'll, even help A friendly, whale!, ♪, ♪, Yo, ho, ho, We are on a roll! ♪, ♪, Yo, ho, ho, Pirate pups on sea, patrol! ♪, Looks like we're, getting close to Carlos and Tracker's island.

Skye, time to be our sky-high scout!, Aye, aye, Captain., Arf, parasail!, Sorry about that., Land ho, I, see a lot of islands Ryder! Wait, there's, the island with the big mountain from Carlos's map! Two points off the starboard bow! That means turn right? A little.

Arf arf! Did, you find the package? No, but I can still hear the sound.

But now it's like an echo.

It keeps repeating.

This map says, there's a gorge just beyond this ridge.


The package fell in there.

It would sound like that., ¡Ahí, está!, There.

It is! Ay no, no, no no!.

It's, okay, Tracker., We'll just go down into the gorge and get it.


You can't get down there, the cliff.

Hills are too steep.

Then you'll have to use your cable and lower yourself.

In., Buena, idea, ruff, cables!, My, cable's, too short!.

Okay Tracker, just hang on.

Time to call for air support.


You need me to help Tracker get lower? Okay, I'm down with it.

Take it to the sky! Elevator, going down., Easy Skye, just a little lower.


It! -We did it! -Great work, pups., I.

Think you've all earned a party! Thank.

You everyone.

This is awesome.


Thanks, especially for helping me, save Carlos's gift.


What we do.

Whenever there's, a problem, just yelp for help! Stop, right? There dragon!, Super, flip power!.

Whoa! Skye.

Are you okay?? Cut!, Props! On, the double! Ruff, ruff, ruff, shovel!, Sorry, Chase, that cough threw me, off., It's, okay, let's, just try again.

So we can finish our movie in time.

For sure.

The film festival starts at sundown.


The big screen's already up.

You'll, be fine, pups., I know, you can make a terrific movie., Thanks, Ryder!, Sandcastle's, all set! Okay, let's.

Take it from the top.

And..., action!, Ah, ah, ah, choo!, Cut!, Sorry, Zuma's.

Tail, tickled, my nose.

You're all such great snowboarders., We're just racing to have fun.


Don't, worry, I'll ride with you.

Really?, Thanks, Chase., Go pups, go!, Go, Team, Catastrophe!, You'd, better win., Ready, set, and..., And, they're, flying down the slope, Everest and Rubble in the lead! Woo hoo, all right! Ugh.

Go pups.

You can do it, yeah!, You know what to do Catastrophe Crew., Huh?, Whoa, whoa!, Hey!, -Whoa!, -Who's, throwing snowballs?, Jump!, -Woo, hoo!, -Awesome!, Now, where did gigantosaur go? Ryder, oh.

The monster is getting away..

with my Chickaletta! Ryder.

You go after it, we'll, be right behind you.

Great!, Stop, popping!.

Uh oh, did I do that? Hey, not so fast, wait for me! Where.

Could that monster have gone? Whoa!, Uh, oh., Found, it!, Yikes!, It's.

Okay, Ryder.

We've got this! Heh, heh, pawesome, driving Marshall! We made it just in time.

Thanks, pups., Just, wait until you hear our special brand of pop rock! Hit.

It Paw Patrol! We, wrote a special song for the Winter Wonder, Show, folks! But.

We never came up with the last line, remember?, We're.

The Paw Patrol.

We got this!, I guess so, and a one and a two and a one two three!, ♪ Oh.

The air outside is nippy, ♪, ♪ And.

The ice is super slippy.

♪ ♪ It makes stumble And fall and slide.

♪, ♪ But.

We pups Don't want to stay inside!.


♪, We pups, Don't want to stay inside!.

♪, ♪, We pups, Don't want to stay inside!.

♪ ♪, Nah, nah, nah, nah, nah, nah!, ♪, ♪, Nah, nah, nah, nah, nah, nah!, ♪, ♪ You might think We're being silly.

♪, ♪, As.

We shiver in the chilly ♪ ♪ Though.

We can feel The cold, wind blow ♪ ♪ We're.

So happy 'cause, we love the snow! ♪ Tracker.

You wrote the perfect ending! Gracias.

Thank you!.

But I.

Couldn't have done it without the rest of the team.

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PAW Patrol Halloween Trick-or-Treat Rescues! 🎃 | 30 Minute Compilation | Nick Jr.? ›

It's Halloween. Cap'n Turbot has decorated an old wreck as a pirate ship for a town party. When the ship mysteriously heads out to sea captained by a "ghost" Ryder and the Paw Patrol must sa...

Which PAW Patrol episode is Halloween? ›

It's Halloween. Cap'n Turbot has decorated an old wreck as a pirate ship for a town party. When the ship mysteriously heads out to sea captained by a "ghost" Ryder and the Paw Patrol must sa...

What episode of PAW Patrol has ghosts? ›

"Pups Save a Ghost" is the first segment of the 5th episode in Season 2 of PAW Patrol.

Who is the first PAW Patrol character? ›

Ryder is a ten-year-old boy and protagonist of the TV series, PAW Patrol. He is the first member of the PAW Patrol and is the team leader.

What episode is Santa in PAW Patrol? ›

"PAW Patrol" Pups Save Christmas (TV Episode 2013) - IMDb.

Who is the 7th dog in PAW Patrol? ›

Everest is a female Siberian Husky who debuted in the Season 2 episode "The New Pup". She is the PAW Patrol's snowy mountain pup, the seventh pup, and the ninth overall member of the team (including Ryder and the PAW Patroller).

Who is the GREY dog in PAW Patrol? ›

Rocky is a mix-breed pup that always has handy resources. He's an enthusiastic recycling dog with a thousand ideas and tools inside of his pup pack.

Who is the GREY pup in PAW Patrol? ›

Rocky is gray with white paws, a white tip on his tail, and white tips on the fur tufts on his face, along with a darker gray circle around his left eye and two circles on his back. He has a black nose and orange-ish brown eyes.

What episode is PAW Patrol spooky cabin? ›

"Pups and the Ghost Cabin" is the second segment of the 17th episode in Season 2 of PAW Patrol.

What episode is Halloween in Adventure Time? ›

"The Creeps" is a Halloween episode of the animated TV series Adventure Time. It first aired on Cartoon Network in the United States on October 17, 2011.

What season is PAW Patrol Snow Monster? ›

"Pups and the Snow Monster" is the second segment of the 6th episode in Season 1 of PAW Patrol.

What season and episode is PAW Patrol Rescue Knights? ›

"Rescue Knights: Pups Save Excalibark" is the second segment of the 20th episode in Season 8 of PAW Patrol.

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