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Rocky is one of the seven main protagonists in the PAW Patrol series. He is a male mixed breed Eco pup and the fifth member of the PAW Patrol. It is unknown what his true breeds are. His primary purpose is to use recycled items to fix broken objects such as water towers (in "Pups Save a Pool Day") and soccer goals (in "Pups Save the Soccer Game").


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  • 6 Equipment and Gadgets
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    • 6.2 Pup Pack
    • 6.3 Flight Pack
    • 6.4 Mission PAW Pup Pack
    • 6.5 Sea Patrol Pup Pack
    • 6.6 Rescue Knights Pup Pack
    • 6.7 Recycling Truck
    • 6.8 Repair Kart
    • 6.9 Sea Patrol vehicle
    • 6.10 Reuse-It Truck
    • 6.11 Ultimate Fix-It Truck
    • 6.12 Super PAWS Vehicle
    • 6.13 Jet
    • 6.14 Dino Rescue Vehicle
    • 6.15 Ready Race Rescue Vehicle
    • 6.16 Motorcycle
    • 6.17 Adventure City vehicle
    • 6.18 Rescue Knights Vehicle
    • 6.19 Big Truck
    • 6.20 Sawfish Vehicle
    • 6.21 Snapping Turtle Vehicle
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Rocky is a recycling pup. His main color is green. He is a hybrid/mix-breed Eco pup who always has something to fix a problem. Rocky uses his handy claw to pick up pieces that could be recycled and use them for other purposes.

Nick Description

Rocky is the pup to ask for any creative ideas! He has an eye for turning trash into treasure, and is always able to find just the right thing to solve a problem. As he always says, don’t lose it – reuse it!


Rocky is a clever Eco-puppy. He reduces, reuses, and recycles anything he can find. He is quite intelligent, as he often implements devices out of the materials in his vehicle. He doesn't just use his own materials, though; if something's lying around, he'll find a better use for it. He is resourceful and he always has the right materials for repairing things. Second to Ryder, his mechanical know-how is the best and he fixes whatever's broken or malfunctioning.

Rocky has aquaphobia (the fear of water), and is constantly getting wet as a running gag, much to his dismay. As such, he despises taking baths and is determined to avoid them, to Katie's chagrin. He'll face that fear to help others in danger, but he can't seem to get over it permanently. However, he accepts being wet whenever he is turned into a mer-pup or when he's in a scuba outfit. His reasoning is that he's able to breathe underwater as a mer-pup, and that he's dry in his scuba suit.

He's rather open-minded. Even though Marshall and Zuma are associated with water, he's close friends with them. He may get exasperated with Marshall accidentally spraying him, but he is quick to forgive him for that, although in some cases he laughed. He's just as playful as the other pups when off-duty.


Rocky is gray with white paws, a white tip on his tail, and white tips on the fur tufts on his face, along with a darker gray circle around his left eye and two circles on his back. He has a black nose and orange-ish brown eyes. He also has a floppy right ear and a nick on his left ear. He has a small spiky tuft of fur on his head.

In PAW Patrol: The Movie, Rocky's standard uniform was given a visual redesign, with his shoulders have spotlights and his general uniform having armored plating and a structure made of porous materials. Rocky also has a blue tank at the end of his pup pack, while he also sports an orange visor. Much like all of the pups sans Chase, Rocky's movie uniform features sleeves. Much more blue is also present on the general design overall.


Here's a gallery of Rocky's attires throughout the series.

Rocky (2)

Standard outfit

Rocky (3)

Standard outfit (blue belt) (as of Season 8 until Pups Save a Yodeler)

Rocky (4)

Standard outfit (green belt) (since Pups Save the Dizzy Dust Express)

Rocky (5)

Standard outfit (Movie)

Rocky (6)

Collar only

Rocky (7)

Collar only (as of Season 8)

Rocky (8)

Collar only (PAW Patrol: The Movie)

Rocky (9)

Standard outfit without Pup Tag

Rocky (10)

Uniform top only

Rocky (11)

Standard outfit without hat

Rocky (12)

Standard outfit without hat (as of Season 8)

Rocky (13)

Pup Pack and collar only

Rocky (14)

Hat and collar only

Rocky (15)

Clown costume

Rocky (16)

Camping uniform

Rocky (17)

Cowboy hat

Rocky (19)

Viking costume

Rocky (20)

Knight costume

Rocky (21)

Adventure Bay All-Stars basketball uniform

Rocky (22)

Standard outfit with scuba helmet

Rocky (23)

Uniform with winter hat

Rocky (24)

Winter hat

Rocky (25)

Snowboarding helmet

Rocky (26)

Mer-pup with outfit

Rocky (28)

Mer-pup without outfit

Rocky (29)

Martial arts uniform

Rocky (30)

Air rescue uniform

Rocky (31)

Air rescue uniform (as of Season 8)

Rocky (32)

Air rescue uniform without helmet

Rocky (33)

Superhero outfit

Rocky (34)

Safari outfit

Rocky (35)

Safari outfit (as of Season 8)

Rocky (36)

Mission PAW uniform

Rocky (37)

Mission PAW uniform (as of Season 8)

Rocky (38)

Sea Patrol uniform

Rocky (39)

Sea Patrol scuba suit

Rocky (40)

Sea Patrol winter/icy conditions outfit

Rocky (41)

Pirate outfit

Rocky (42)

Pup-afly disguise

Rocky (43)

Ultimate Rescue police uniform

Rocky (44)

Ultimate Rescue aviator uniform

Rocky (45)

Ultimate Rescue firefighter uniform

Rocky (46)

Ultimate Rescue swamp uniform

Rocky (47)

Ultimate Rescue fix-it uniform

Rocky (48)

Ultimate Rescue construction uniform

Rocky (49)

Werepuppy form

Rocky (50)

Mighty Pups outfit

Rocky (51)

Super Paws outfit

Rocky (52)

Sports uniform

Rocky (53)

Racing outfit with helmet

Rocky (54)

Racing outfit without helmet

Rocky (55)

Charged Up outfit

Rocky (56)

Dino Rescue outfit

Rocky (57)

Chinese New Year outfit

Rocky (58)

Homemade hat

Rocky (59)

Mission PAW air rescue suit

Rocky (60)

Chef's hat

Rocky (61)

Jet rescue suit

Rocky (62)

Moto Pups outfit

Rocky (63)

The Great Pirate Adventure outfit

Rocky (64)

With bandanna

Rocky (65)

Mailman costume

Rocky (66)

In Hatch Day hat

Rocky (67)

PAW Patrol: The Movie Standard outfit

Rocky (68)

Rescue Knights outfit

Rocky (69)

Big Truck Pups outfit

Rocky (70)

Aqua Pups outfit

Rocky (71)

Aqua Pups outfit without helmet

Equipment and Gadgets

Pup Tag

Like all of the PAW Patrol pups, Rocky has his own personalized Pup Tag, with a shape of a recycling symbol on it to represent his job of recycling. He uses it to communicate with Ryder, the Lookout, and the other PAW Patrol pups. When in use, the Pup Tag would flash its light. The Pup Tag also has a special mechanism, which allows the PAW Patrol pups to make video calls to other PAW Patrol members. His Mighty Pup Tag has a giant gear on it.

Rocky (72)

Standard Pup Tag

Rocky (73)

Mighty Pups Pup Tag

Pup Pack

Rocky's Pup pack contains a screwdriver and a claw. It also contains a variety of other tools, such as a glue bottle, vacuum, coil of adhesive tape, spatula, and many others.

Rocky (74)

Flight Pack

In the Season 3 episode, "Air Pups", Rocky was given a flight pack equipped with a jetpack, a mini rocket booster, and a claw that allows him to repair things in midair. It also has a hover mode that slows the engines down when activated, allowing him to hover in the air.

Rocky (75)

Rocky (76)

Mission PAW Pup Pack

His Mission PAW Pup Pack contains a radar scanner that can locate pups such as Chase, as shown in "Mission PAW: Quest for the Crown".

Sea Patrol Pup Pack

His Sea Patrol Pup Pack carries a rescue buoy, and a metal detector, which he uses, despite his aquaphobia, to locate the lost rattle of the baby octopus after it was knocked underwater in "Sea Patrol: Pups Save a Baby Octopus". His Pup pack when in his scuba gear carries a welding tool, which he uses to help secure the new support for the Adventure Beach pier in "Sea Patrol: Pups Save the Pier".

Rocky (77)

Rocky (78)

Rocky (79)

Rocky (80)

Rocky (81)

Rescue Knights Pup Pack

In Season 8's "Rescue Knights: Quest for the Dragon's Tooth", along with the other pups, Rocky received a new Pup Pack for Rescue Knights rescue missions. It is equipped with a variety of tools that he can use for different situations such as melting the ice with his welder (as seen in "Rescue Knights: Pups Break the Ice").

Rocky (82)

Rocky (83)

Rocky (84)

Rocky (85)

Recycling Truck

Rocky's vehicle is a green recycling truck which is used to recycle items. Rocky also uses this as his pup-house, which can be used to store various items to use during missions. His truck also has an orange forklift to load various things, such as the Lookout cake in "Pups Take the Cake". In Season 3, Rocky's recycling truck has been upgraded to transform into a tugboat, and has since been used for water missions. His vehicle number is 05. In the movie, Rocky's truck is also capable of deploying road flares to close off traffic, which roll out as green cylinders that stand upright before releasing an orange cloud.

Rocky (86)

Rocky (87)

Rocky (88)

Repair Kart

In the Mission PAW sub-series, Rocky rides a green Repair Kart with dark green and gray highlights. The back is equipped with a retractable orange claw.

Rocky (89)

Sea Patrol vehicle

With his new duties as a lifeguard and member of the Sea Patrol protecting Adventure Beach, Rocky was given a new all-terrain vehicle that can be driven on the surface or under the water, or on land. His vehicle comes complete with an airlock in the back that either he, or another pup, can use to change into their scuba gear to help out underwater.

Rocky (90)

Rocky (91)

Rocky (92)

Rocky (93)

Reuse-It Truck

To help with increasingly large amounts of trash, Rocky was given a larger 6-wheeled Reuse-It Truck. The vehicle is much larger than his normal truck and can instantly recycle trash into something new. Rather than replace his normal truck, Rocky's Reuse-It Truck is reserved for backup purposes.

Ultimate Fix-It Truck

When Rocky is called on as leader for an Ultimate Recycle Rescue, his standard vehicle is upgraded into a much larger vehicle with additional tools such as retractable claw arms to lift heavy objects, a moveable crane with a hook and a flip down ramp.

Rocky (94)

Rocky (95)

Rocky (96)

Rocky (97)

Rocky (98)

Rocky (99)

Super PAWS Vehicle

In the Mighty Pups: Super PAWS sub-series, Rocky rides a green truck with orange highlights and translucent accents. It is equipped with two orange grabber claws that can lift and carry heavy objects.

Rocky (100)


In "Jet to the Rescue", Rocky rides a green jet with blue and orange highlights that has two modes: stealth and rescue. When in stealth mode, it can travel the skies without being detected. When in rescue mode, its orange grabber claws extend out. Rocky uses these claws to grab and carry objects in the air.

Rocky (101)

Rocky (102)

Rocky (103)

Dino Rescue Vehicle

In the Dino Rescue sub-series, Rocky rides a green Dino-shaped recycling truck with orange highlights. The front is equipped with two orange dinosaur claws while the back is equipped with a retractable orange claw.

Rocky (104)

Rocky (105)

Ready Race Rescue Vehicle

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Rocky (106)

Rocky (107)

Rocky (108)


In the Moto Pups sub-series, Rocky rides a green motorcycle with orange highlights. It is equipped with an orange forklift in the front as well as a recycle container and crane in the back.

Rocky (109)

Rocky (110)

Adventure City vehicle

Rocky's vehicle in Adventure City is an upgraded version of his normal recycling truck, but with the forks replaced with robotic grabber arms. The vehicle can also load itself by driving backwards with the tailgate down and sending it into the hopper, which has the ability to crush whatever debris it collects.

Rocky (111)

Rocky (112)

Rocky (113)

Rescue Knights Vehicle

In the Rescue Knights sub-series, Rocky rides a green recycling truck with orange highlights. The front is equipped with an orange forklift while the back is equipped with a hook. Underneath the hook is a mini compartment that stores all of Rocky's recyclables.

Rocky (114)

Big Truck

In the Big Truck Pups sub-series, Rocky rides a big green and gray truck with orange highlights. When deployed, its trailer transforms into a command-center where he can access his repair system and his mini vehicle.

Rocky (115)

Rocky (116)

Rocky (117)

Rocky (118)

Sawfish Vehicle

In the Aqua Pups sub-series, Rocky rides a green sawfish-shaped submarine with orange highlights and neon yellow lights. The front is equipped with a saw blade that can cut through obstacles.

Rocky (119)

Rocky (120)

Rocky (121)

Snapping Turtle Vehicle

In the Jungle Pups sub-series, Rocky rides a recycling truck in the shape of a snapping turtle. It is green with orange and gray highlights. The front resembles a head of a snapping turtle with snapping jaws Rocky can use to grab things and communicate with other snapping turtles.

Rocky (122)

Rocky (123)

Skills and Abilities

Rocky seems to be one of the smarter pups as he is really good at using rubbish to invent things. He also has a recycling truck (as mentioned above) that contains a bountiful collection of used, old items that he would use to build something new. He also uses the recycled items as parts in order to repair an object. Rocky's claw helps him build things and pick them up. His pup-pack contains glue which he can retrieve by barking. His mighty power allows him to create radioactive materials such as hammers and his charged up power gives him x-ray vision.


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Is Rocky based off a true story? ›

While the story of his first film is loosely inspired by Chuck Wepner, a boxer who fought Muhammad Ali and lost on a TKO in the 15th round, the inspiration for the name, iconography and fighting style came from boxing legend Rocco Francis "Rocky Marciano" Marchegiano, though his surname coincidentally also resembles ...

What made Rocky so famous? ›

There are dramatic themes and emotional beats in Stallone's screenplay that supersede most in the sports genre and in drama itself, and makes Rocky the best Stallone film of all time.

How did Rocky 4 end? ›

Rocky finally takes down Drago in the last round, winning by knockout to the shock of the Soviet Politburo members watching the fight. A bloody and battered Rocky gives a victory speech, acknowledging how the local crowd's disdain of him turned to respect.

How many Rocky movies are there 7? ›

Since the first film's release in 1976, Rocky has expanded into a franchise of nine movies total, including the newest release, Creed III. Sylvester Stallone's boxing gloves have been hanging from the rafters for a while now, but Michael B.

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The first film ends with Rocky losing, by judges' decision, his fight against the heavyweight champ Apollo Creed (Carl Weathers)—but winning a more personal victory by “going the distance,” making it through an entire fifteen rounds in the ring as no previous challenger had.

Why did Rocky and Robert stop talking? ›

The most notable evolution of their relationship came in Rocky V when they started to grow apart; this was the direct result of Robert being jealous of Tommy Gunn and the attention that Rocky was giving him.

Why did Drago's wife leave him? ›

She is much more articulate than Drago, who seldom talks, and always speaks on his behalf at press conferences and interviews. In Creed II, it is revealed that Drago and Ludmilla had divorced as a result of his loss to Rocky Balboa and he is now raising their son - himself a professional boxer - alone.

Why is Rocky broke in Rocky 5? ›

After returning home, Rocky and Adrian discover they are bankrupt after Paulie was fooled into signing a "power of attorney" over to Rocky's accountant, who squandered all of his money on real estate deals gone sour and failed to pay Rocky's taxes over the previous six years.

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Anabolic steroids were steroids that were given to Ivan Drago to make him more muscular and endure more than a regular boxer. Even though several American people suggested this was the cause, but Ludmilla Drago denied this.

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The living legend didn't appear for straightforward reasons, as Sylvester Stallone opted out of Creed III for creative differences. Stallone earned an Oscar nomination for best supporting actor as Rocky in the first Creed and has served since as the mentor of Adonis "Donnie" Creed (Michael B.

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On top of the $35 grand that he was paid upfront, Stallone also signed a deal whereby he would receive points on the back end of the film upon its release and total gross revenue. He was given 10 points on whatever the film ended up making, which boosted Stallone's net gain from Rocky to close to $2.5 million.

Is the Rocky statue still up? ›

After the filming was complete, Stallone donated the statue to the City of Philadelphia. Since 2006, the statue has been located at the bottom of the stairs at the Philadelphia Museum of Art, and there is a near-constant stream of people waiting in line to get their pictures taken with the “Italian Stallion.”

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