Top 25 Gluten Free Recipes (2024)

Top 25 Gluten Free Recipes (1)

If you do not know I have been gluten – free for 4.5 years now – so I know a thing or two about being gluten – free

I have done over 300 recipes for Budget Savvy Diva — though all my recipes rock there are some that get super high reviews and hold a special spot in my heart

I made a list about a 2 years ago – Top 50 Gluten – Free Recipes

I would first check out this list and then I would check out the top 50 recipe

If you want to pin these recipe – simply click the recipe link and hit the Pinterest button under the title of the recipe

1) Sausage Pasta Recipe

One of the best pasta recipes EVER! Under $10 to make. Gluten – Free. Perfect Weekday meal

2) Cheesy Green Chili Rice Casserole Recipe

Want a NEW Side Dish EVERYONE will Love ? MUST MAKE Recipe – Done in 20 minutes. Gluten – Free.

3) Creamy Spaghetti and Chicken Recipe

One of the BEST pasta dishes of ALL time. Gluten – Free. Cost about $10 for 4 BIG servings

4) Baked Tilapia with Cream Sauce Recipe

Super simple fish recipe that will IMPRESS everyone! Gluten – free and Kid Friendly.

5) Fish Tacos Recipe

The BEST Fish Taco Recipe. Easy to make and gluten – free

6) Easy Spinach Queso Recipe

I decided to make a dip for you guys that is VERY easy to make – even a husband ( like mine ) can make it without a problem!

7) Parmesan-Roasted Butternut Squash Recipe

It is the perfect side to any meal – I especially like it paired with Chicken. This recipe is naturally gluten – free

8) Maple Glazed Carrots Recipe

Perfect gluten – free side to any meal – done in under 30 minutes

9) Chicken Chili Recipe

Hands Down The BEST Chicken Chili Around! Gluten – free

10) Easy Breakfast Bake Recipe

My husband ate the WHOLE casserole in ONE HOUR! Full of Eggs, Sausage, Hash Browns, Cheese, and Pancakes Mix ( use gluten – free Bisquick)

11) Ultimate Mashed Potatoes Recipe

Best of all they are SUPER DUPER easy to make and gluten – free

12) Snickers Caramel Apple Salad Recipe

If you like the taste of caramel apples this is your recipe

13) Crock Pot Green Chili Chicken Recipe

Only 3 ingredients — I also added a little pepper to my finished dish which you can do as well Top 25 Gluten Free Recipes (15)

14) Crock Pot Pumpkin Soup Recipe

This dish is also naturally gluten – free and cooked in the crock pot — so it is easy to make as well.

15) Copycat KFC Coleslaw Recipe

Tastes just like KFC coleslaw – gluten – free – perfect side to any BBQ

16) Garlic Rosemary Fries Recipe

Done in 20 minutes. These are the BEST fries I have EVER had. Gluten – Free

17) Fresh Herb Potatoes Recipe

My husband who loves EVERYTHING fried — is addicted to these gluten – free potatoes. Simple and fresh — pure yum!

18) Tequila Lime Chicken Recipe

So many layers of flavors – perfect for grilling! Gluten – free too!

19) Roasted Garlic and Parmesan Asparagus Recipe

Gluten – Free and Fresh! Simple and the perfect side everyone will love.

20) Roasted Parmesan Potatoes Recipe

Where are my potato fans? These roasted Parmesan potatoes are a perfect gluten – free side. PURE YUMMMMYYYY!

21) Cilantro Chicken Recipe

One reader that made it said “Made this last night….Delicious! Will make it again, and again….”

22) Crock Pot Pizza Dip Recipe

Perfect gluten – free recipe for a party

23) Pesto Tilapia Recipe

Dinner done in 30 minutes – Gluten -free and SUPER simple

24) Yummy Chicken Salad Recipe

Done in 5 minutes and Gluten – Free. Perfect Summer Dish!

25) Easy 7 – Layer Dip Recipe

Perfect dip for any occasion – PLUS it is gluten – free


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    • Watson

      It is found in wheat – much like lactose people like me have an inability to digest gluten.

    • Janice Omelia

      I am going to try some of them. I just found out the I have some food sensetivity. We are trying to cut back on Gulten. I believe wheat is my biggest issue. Thanks for sharing.

  • Betsy

    mmm The carrots look great!

  • Jen

    Going to share with my friend who is living Gluten Free!

  • Marites

    My sister just recently found out she was
    Sensitive to gluten, so I will definitely send this her way!

  • Kristen S

    I really want to try making the tacos. I bought Barilla Glueten Free to try it. I love pasta hoping it tastes close to the real thing, think I might try creamy chicken spaghetti with it.

  • Emmy

    All of these look so good I dont know where to begin!

  • Ashley S.

    The maple glazed carrots look amazing!

  • Latricia

    Sharing this with my daughter.

  • Brandi

    Thanks my cousin and husband are gluten sensitive

  • verenise

    might have to make the spinach queso dip for a get together ;]

  • Amy bavier bartley

    Love the gluten free recipes, keep them coming!!

  • sherry

    yummo i wont have to come up with what to fee a fasmily of 7. you did it all for me love u girl

  • Lisa O.

    Thank you so much for so many AWEmazing recipes!

  • Patricia Mayse

    will try all these very soon.

  • Lmkanemoto

    Great compilation of recipes! They all look delicious. I have friends who are eating gluten-free and now I’ll have some scrumptious recipes to feed them =]

  • Keli Wilson

    My family has been thinking of a Gluten Free lifestyle just for the health benefits, I know you have to eat this way, but a friend of mine has turned my ear to it and seeing how much better she feels really has me interested!

  • kelly mcgrew

    my boyfriend actually just discovered a gluten sensitivity, that he had long mistaken for just a “broken digestive system” lol

    i will share these with him!

  • Darlene Adams

    So many great recipes here. I’m a sucker for chicken and potatoes. My mom uses brown sugar in her carrots but I’m going to try the maple syrup next time. As for the KFC cole slaw it’s always been on of my favorites.

  • Kelly Galpin

    I want to try the 7 layer bean dip it looks so good!

  • Missy Dodds

    Going to share this for my gluten free friends

  • Andrea Watts

    Sharing for all my friends not eating gluten

  • Crystal

    Yumm!! I think the crockpot pizza dip sounds so good!

  • Stephanie Landers

    I’ve never tried any specifically gluten free recipes…but these look delish! 🙂

  • Melanie simpkins

    I’m not gluten free, but all these look fantastic & I will be trying them

  • Tina

    Yum looks good!

  • Jackquelyn

    We have two major allergies to avoid in our house: gluten and corn. Luckily, most of these are corn free or are easy to make corn free!

  • Jill

    What a great selection. Thanks.

  • kelly galpin

    i dont know much about gluten but i’d be more than willing to try these out because they look so good!

  • Anna Kent

    I’m keeping these. Hopefully my son’s tummy will feel better without the gluten. Plus the carrots look amazing.

  • Miranda

    I will be making some of these!!!

  • Dawn Bear

    Wohoo thank you love these !!

  • Katie

    on of the best posts I have seen about GF recipes THANK YOU!!!

  • Kristin

    I have been learning a lot about being gluten free. One thing is that it
    causes inflammation in the body. Today I got a massage and my lady told
    me think of gluten as elmers glue in your colon and it makes it hard for your body to absorb nutrients. I am not gluten free yet, but on my way.
    Thank you for the recipes!

  • Kim

    Holy cow, these recipes look so good! I am not gluten free, but sometimes you just need something different to satisfy those weird cravings so I am totally all about new things!

  • Ashley

    Gotta love fish tacos!

  • kelly galpin

    i have to keep this in mind when i hear people i know talk about gluten free foods

  • Nancy George

    These all look fantastic! Thank you!

  • Rachel F

    I have to eat gluten-free, so I love finding new GF recipes.

  • Jessica

    The Easy Spinach Queso is to die for! Easily one of my favorite gluten free dips.

  • Roberta

    These all look so good! I am sharing this on Pinterest.

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