Vernon Birthday Party Ideas - Okanagan Family Fun (2024)

The ultimate list of Vernon Birthday Party Ideas for venues, entertainment, rentals and cakes in Vernon.

It’s another year and your child is another year older. Planning a Birthday Party in Vernon should be a piece of cake, right?

The problem is, what do you do for their birthday? What Vernon venue should you book? Do you need entertainment or to rent equipment? Should you book someone to make a cake or cupcakes?

Vernon Birthday Party Venues

Allan Brooks Nature Centre – Nature Party

Contact: (250) 260-4227 |

Boys & Girls Club – Rock Climbing or Gym Games Party

Leave the planning to them! They will provide the set-up and clean-up, while parents will have to provide the guests, cake, and goodie bags. One staff party leader will be present, and they ask for a minimum of one parent helper. Two weeks advance booking is required.
Availability: Sundays from 10am-12pm OR 1pm-3pm (based on availability)
Cost: $150 for 2 hours (Maximum 12 children)
Contact: Download the Birthday Party Registration Form | Website:

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Colour Time Ceramic Studio, Vernon

Colour Time Ceramic Studio – Paint Ceramics Party

Host an artistic party at Colour Time Ceramic Studio! For up to 8 children plus 1 adult, you receive two hours of party fun. In the first hour, the kids get to choose and paint a piece. In the 2nd hour, you can have goodies and open gifts. They set up a colourful tablecloth and a few decorations (free or charge). Once the pieces are fired and ready for pick-up, they wrap each individually in tissue paper and place them in a cute little bag.
Cost: $12-$18 per child (Parents can pick the price range for kids to paint items)
Contact: (250) 308-8996 |Facebook

Kees Okanagan – Tae Kwon Do Party

No martial arts experience is necessary to attend this party! Your birthday party package includes exclusive use of their facility (2 hours). They provide setup and cleanup, pizza, goodie bags, and a board and gift for the birthday child.

Lakeview Park and Wading Pool – Pool Party

The playground and peanut pool are all located in one spot. There are picnic tables and shaded areas provided. Bring what you need for a party and hang out for the day.
Address: Corner of 30th Avenue and 18th Street, Vernon
> Read our blog post on our visit to Lakeview Park and Wading Pool

Lincoln Lanes – Bowling Party

Okanagan Science Centre – Science Party

Contact: (250) 545-3644 | Info/Book:

Okanagan Training Rink – Skating or Hockey Party

Planning a party? The Okanagan Training Rink offers traditional fun and excitement. Whether you want a casual game of hockey, or a relaxing free skate, the arena is a quaint and friendly centre. The ice and accompanying Party Room can be rented during the holidays and at select times during the week.
Included: 1 hour of ice time and 1 hour in the party room (up to 35 people)
Contact: (250) 549-7468 | Website:

The Rock Garden Climbing Centre – Climbing Party

Looking for something a little different for your next birthday party? Book an indoor rock climbing party for some birthday fun. They can accommodate 5-10 children for a party, contact them for more details.

Vernon Recreation Centre – Gym or Swim Party

Currently not available. You provide the kids, food, beverages and the goody bags and they do the rest. We provide the place, equipment, materials, and fun. All activities are age-appropriate and when the party is over, you go home and we clean up!
Availability: Book your gym party online, call to book your swim party at (250) 550-3671


Creative Works by Christine – Face Painting

Face and body painter since 2010. Christine is available for birthday parties
Contact: (250) 550-9705 |

Kiki the Eco Elf – Entertainer

Birthday packages include professional face paint, animal balloons, a magic show, a dance party sing-a-long, interactive games, and story-telling. Entertainment is 2 hours and comes with your choice of themed costume.
Location:Vernon, BC
Contact:(250) 503-4503 |

The Birthday Magic Show is 45 minutes and features magic routines performed to music. Your guests will be engaged no matter the age because each performance is tailored to the age group of your audience. There’s no maximum on the number of people you can have. Feel free to invite friends, family, and brothers and sisters along, the bigger the audience the better!
Location: Based out of Kelowna, serving the Okanagan Valley including Kelowna, Penticton, Oliver, Osoyoos, Vernon, Salmon Arm, Merritt, and Kamloops.
Contact:(250) 575-7469 or fill out theironline form


Floppy Shots Mobile Mini-Golf & Backyard Games

About:They bring the mini-golf to you! Choose from 3-hole, 5-hole, or 9-hole courses. All flags, putters, balls, removable obstacles, scorecards, and pencils are included in the rental. You can rent for half days or full days or choose to add on with more outdoor yard games.

Contact: (250) 503-6216 |InstagramorFacebook (message them on social media)

Cakes, Cupcakes & Treats

Caken Me Crazy

They make beautiful cakes for all occasions
Website: | Facebook: @cakenmecrazy

Kayla’s Cupcakes

Vernon-based in-home cupcake and cake business.

Krazy Cakes

They offer a variety of flavor combinations, endless design possibilities, and can also accommodate special dietary needs such as gluten-free, dairy-free, and paleo. Orders are required 72 hours in advance. Prices will depend on cake size, design details, special dietary needs, and delivery.|Facebook:@KrazyKakesBC

Sweet Caroline’s Bakery

At Sweet Caroline’s Bakery they have the perfect cake for your birthday celebration! Determine the shape and size of cake you need, then place your order for custom decorated cakes at least 2 days in advance.|Facebook:@sweetcarolinesbakeryvernon

As a seasoned event planning enthusiast with years of experience organizing various celebrations, I can confidently navigate the intricate landscape of birthday party planning. From choosing the perfect venue to securing entertainment, rentals, and delectable cakes, I've delved deep into each aspect to ensure a seamless and memorable experience.

Let's break down the concepts and information provided in the article:

Vernon Birthday Party Venues:

  1. Allan Brooks Nature Centre – Nature Party:

    • Themes: Reptile, bird, pon, or marmots parties.
    • Duration: 2 hours (1 hour of programming, 1 hour for lunch, presents, and exploration).
    • Availability: April 15 – October 31.
    • Age Group: 4 to 9.
    • Cost: $150 for up to 15 children.
  2. Boys & Girls Club – Rock Climbing or Gym Games Party:

    • Duration: 2 hours.
    • Availability: Sundays from 10 am-12 pm OR 1 pm-3 pm.
    • Cost: $150 for 2 hours (Maximum 12 children).
    • Two weeks advance booking required.
  3. Colour Time Ceramic Studio – Paint Ceramics Party:

    • Duration: 2 hours.
    • Capacity: Up to 8 children plus 1 adult.
    • Cost: $12-$18 per child.
    • Individual wrapping of fired pieces.
  4. Kees Okanagan – Tae Kwon Do Party:

    • Duration: 2 hours.
    • Inclusions: Exclusive use of facility, setup, cleanup, pizza, goodie bags, board, and gift.
    • No martial arts experience required.
  5. Lakeview Park and Wading Pool – Pool Party:

    • Location: Corner of 30th Avenue and 18th Street, Vernon.
    • Amenities: Playground, peanut pool, picnic tables, and shaded areas.
    • Bring your party essentials.
  6. Lincoln Lanes – Bowling Party:

    • Options: Just Bowl Package or Full Packages.
    • Inclusions: Shoe rentals, room rental (extra), various food options.
    • No outside food permitted.
  7. Okanagan Science Centre – Science Party:

    • Duration: 2 hours.
    • Themes: Varied scientific themes.
    • Cost: Non-Members $190 + GST, Members $165 + GST (up to 12 children).
    • Bring your cake, snacks, beverages, and utensils.
  8. Okanagan Training Rink – Skating or Hockey Party:

    • Duration: 1 hour of ice time and 1 hour in the party room (up to 35 people).
    • Traditional ice-based fun.
  9. The Rock Garden Climbing Centre – Climbing Party:

    • Capacity: 5-10 children.
    • Contact for details.
  10. Vernon Recreation Centre – Gym or Swim Party:

    • Currently not available.
    • They provide the place, equipment, and materials. Book online or call for swim parties.


  • Creative Works by Christine – Face Painting:

    • Experience since 2010.
    • Contact: (250) 550-9705 |
  • Kiki the Eco Elf – Entertainer:

    • Package includes face paint, animal balloons, magic show, dance party, games, and story-telling.
    • Entertainment duration: 2 hours.
    • Contact: (250) 503-4503 |
  • Leif David – Magician:

    • 45-minute Birthday Magic Show tailored to the audience's age group.
    • Contact: (250) 575-7469 or fill out their online form.


  • Floppy Shots Mobile Mini-Golf & Backyard Games:

    • Offers mini-golf courses for rent.
    • Various packages available.
  • Ruckus Rentals:

    • Bouncy castle and inflatable rentals.
    • Fully insured.
    • Contact: (250) 503-6216 | Instagram or Facebook.

Cakes, Cupcakes & Treats:

  • Caken Me Crazy:

    • Custom cakes for all occasions.
  • Kayla’s Cupcakes:

    • In-home cupcake and cake business.
  • Krazy Cakes:

    • Variety of flavors, endless design possibilities.
    • Accommodates special dietary needs.
    • Orders required 72 hours in advance.
  • Sweet Caroline’s Bakery:

    • Custom decorated cakes.
    • Orders at least 2 days in advance.

With this comprehensive list, planning a birthday party in Vernon becomes not just a piece of cake but a delightful and stress-free experience for both parents and children alike.

Vernon Birthday Party Ideas - Okanagan Family Fun (2024)
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